Thursday, January 17, 2013


i don't do new year's resolutions.  they're dumb.  because if i honestly want to make a change in my life, i shouldn't waste time by waiting till january 1 to do it.  i can start making changes TODAY if i want to.

also, people have a tendency to beat themselves up if they slip.  and then they just give up all together.  news flash:  change takes time.  research shows that it takes at least 30 days to create a new habit.  so, you slipped up?  big freaking deal.  start again tomorrow.  or even later today.  the most successful people in the world didn't give up when they didn't get it right the first time, so get over it.  we're human.  we make mistakes.  perfection is unattainable, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.  (insert cheesy cliche:  shoot for the moon.  if you miss, you land among the stars.)

anyway, this year i made an exception.  i guess i just needed some time to mentally prepare myself for the changes i wanted to make.  i couldn't just wake up one day and decide to change--i needed to build up to the impending life changes.  

it is important to note that i did not make my resolutions in august and then wait till january.  i decided mid-december to get my act together and then put my plan into action in january.

one of my resolutions was to start a blog.  here we are.  success!

my biggest resolution, however, is to lose weight.  at 252 pounds, i am the largest i have ever been, and i simply cannot allow myself to gain more weight.  my clothes don't fit the way they used to...i can barely zipper most of my pants.  it's disgusting and frustrating.

my desire to lose weight is driven by multiple factors: my health, my self-esteem, and my desire to have a romantic relationship.  judge me all you want for those reasons (except for the health--that's a no-brainer). but the "why" motivates me to the "how," and i can't afford to do nothing anymore. 

this is what i've decided to do to take better care of myself:

1. cut soda out of my diet.  this has not been easy.  i've still had a sprite here or there and some coke zero.  but the amount i consume now is IONS less than what i was drinking.

2.  stop eating fast food.  chick-fil-a doesn't count.  but mcdonald's and burger king?  their food is delicious, but i can't continue to consume that amount of calories.

3.  eat more fruit and less carbs.  i'm sill working on this.  but grapes and strawberries are freaking DELICIOUS!

4.  exercise.  my workout plan is simple: get to the gym and move.  sometimes i'll do 30 minutes on the bike or the elliptical.  sometimes i use my zumba favorites playlist and dance like an idiot by myself.  sometimes i'll do strength training.  i even made flash-cards with exercises from magazines to help me, because i don't want to just be skinny.  i want to be toned too.

                                                     a post-workout photo:

i keep track of my gym time by placing a sticker on my calendar every time i work out.  juvenile?  perhaps.  helpful?  very.  motivating?  DEFINITELY.  even as an adult, i freaking love stickers.  it's a little reward--yay!  i get to put a sticker on the calendar!  it also allows me to see what my patterns are, which will ultimately allow me to make changes where necessary.  (i realize this is a very teacher-esque thing to do.  whatever.  that's what i am.)

so far, i haven't lost any weight.  but that's okay.  i just feel better about myself knowing that i'm working towards change.  and change takes time.  some things are already easier to do, and that's enough for me.  for now.  :)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

don't buy a big car...

...if you can't freaking drive and park it!

today i was headed home after class/hanging out with my classmates.  when i got to my car, i couldn't get in it.  why?  because the LEXUS (read: spoiled rich kid) from NEW JERSEY (read: jerks!) that was parked next to me left me not nearly enough space to get in.  for those of you who are visual learners, let me enlighten you:

you'd have to be blind to see that this car was not only parked crooked but also somewhat diagonally over the line.  (if you're blind, you probably aren't driving either, but let's not get distracted.)  even if i were half my weight, i wouldn't have been able to fit through the driver's side door.  i was barely able to wiggle my big butt between the two cars to even try.
now, i am admittedly not the best at parking with my big car (a saturn vue).  but when i do park so horribly that the person next to me can't get into his or her car (which the person next to me OBVIOUSLY did), i take the time to back up and realign.  because that's just COMMON FREAKING COURTESY.  owning a luxury car or being from the state most infamously known for people with crappy attitudes (the combination of both is atomic) does not give you special permission to be an a-hole. 

i almost called campus security on this.  or the cops.  because that car deserved to be towed.  instead, i entered through the passenger side (which had ample room) and climbed over to the driver's side.  i didn't leave a nasty gram or key this kid's car despite really wanting to.  a good friend even offered to do it for me, but i declined.  i did, however, notice that the car's interior lights were still on. if left on all night, the battery should die.  #karma

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


hello!  and welcome to my blog!  i can't say i ever thought i would have a blog, but i can ignore the itch no longer.  i have things i want to say, and i hope someone will listen to my words.  i doubt my blog will change the world, but i'm hoping it has some sort of positive impact.  also, if i ended up on the ellen show, that would be pretty freaking awesome.  <3

all that said, my plan with this blog is to be honest, open, and frank.  i'm going to be blunt.  i'm going to say those things that people are thinking but don't have the guts to say.  i'm going to offend people.  and i don't care.  if you don't like my blog, don't read it.  i'm not doing this for you. 

i doubt i will post regularly.  sometimes i will post several times a day; other times i will go weeks without saying anything.  that's my promise.  it's one of inconsistency, but you'll never be let down!  ;)

stop by often.  leave comments (preferably lovely ones).  laugh a little.  most importantly, enjoy!