Wednesday, January 16, 2013

don't buy a big car...

...if you can't freaking drive and park it!

today i was headed home after class/hanging out with my classmates.  when i got to my car, i couldn't get in it.  why?  because the LEXUS (read: spoiled rich kid) from NEW JERSEY (read: jerks!) that was parked next to me left me not nearly enough space to get in.  for those of you who are visual learners, let me enlighten you:

you'd have to be blind to see that this car was not only parked crooked but also somewhat diagonally over the line.  (if you're blind, you probably aren't driving either, but let's not get distracted.)  even if i were half my weight, i wouldn't have been able to fit through the driver's side door.  i was barely able to wiggle my big butt between the two cars to even try.
now, i am admittedly not the best at parking with my big car (a saturn vue).  but when i do park so horribly that the person next to me can't get into his or her car (which the person next to me OBVIOUSLY did), i take the time to back up and realign.  because that's just COMMON FREAKING COURTESY.  owning a luxury car or being from the state most infamously known for people with crappy attitudes (the combination of both is atomic) does not give you special permission to be an a-hole. 

i almost called campus security on this.  or the cops.  because that car deserved to be towed.  instead, i entered through the passenger side (which had ample room) and climbed over to the driver's side.  i didn't leave a nasty gram or key this kid's car despite really wanting to.  a good friend even offered to do it for me, but i declined.  i did, however, notice that the car's interior lights were still on. if left on all night, the battery should die.  #karma

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