Wednesday, March 27, 2013

marriage equality

there has been a lot of chatter on the internet recently about marriage equality, specifically in the united states.  the increase is due, in part, to the supreme court hearings on prop 8 and DOMA.  while i cannot sit here and say that i'm thoroughly educated on either, i do want to take a moment to share my thoughts.  prepare yourselves, because i'm jumping on my soapbox.

as i've stated before, i am a christian woman.  many people assume that because of my faith, i should be of the belief that homosexuality is a sin.  some will also assume that i believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.  i don't believe it's as simple as that, though.

here is what i DO think, in very clear terms:

God does not condone homosexuality.  the bible repeatedly says it's a sin.  however, this sin is no different than any other.  it does not carry more weight than murder or coveting someone's possessions or bearing false witness.  SIN IS SIN, in any form.  one sin is not more punishable than another.  remember the verse about not removing the splinter in someone else's eye before removing the plank in your own?  yeah, totally applicable here. 

our founding fathers came to this country for religious freedom, and therefore declared a SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE.  it is this principle alone that denies us the right to use our faith as justification for policies and legislation.  if we use the bible to create laws, then by this policy we can also use the qu'ran or the book of mormon to do the same.  hmmm.  makes you think, huh?  hey, i didn't make this policy; i'm just pointing it out. 

if we are to abide by our founding fathers' principle of separation between church and state, then same-sex marriage is a non-issue.  churches do not have to perform or even recognize these marriages; the federal government, however, is obliged to do so.  period.  it is this argument that leads me to support marriage equality for all.

i've heard it mentioned that people are concerned that same-sex marriages will hurt heterosexual marriages.  i fail to see how this is even a valid argument.  how can the love between two people, regardless of their gender, negatively impact your marriage?  how?  it's like saying the green grass and blue sky affect the taste of your tuna-fish sandwich or macaroni and cheese meal for lunch.  seriously, no relation.

my friend posted this on facebook:  "if its illegal to discriminate based on race, gender, or sexual orientation in EVERY facet of our society (work, school, govt, medicine etc...) HOW can we justify discrimination regarding marriage?"  in response, you can't.  you simply can't.

equality: 1, injustice: 0.

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